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Yoga for stiff & sore backs
Yoga for vibrant aging for 40's and above

Invest in your health span

Yoga has been around for centuries - it evolved with generations

As we grow older, the need to get more flexible and achieve better range of motion becomes critical.  
My whole focus is to help you regain your flexibility and make your aging body more resilient.
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Yoga for a strong body and a resilient mind

Specialty Yoga Programs

Relief for Back Pain

You wake up with a stiff back and need a few moments even to step down from the bed..

You reach out for something and feel a sharp pain in the back muscles..

You have a nagging pain from your hip down

your leg..

You were diagnosed with one of the conditions listed on the right..

You tried physical therapy with some success....

Now try yoga!!!!

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Yoga for Vibrant Aging

At Wellness with Suma, LLC., we believe in helping you live your best life through yoga and wellness practices. Our yoga for vibrant aging classes are based on the methodology of Dr. Baxter Bell, and designed to enhance your health span and leave you feeling energized and radiant.

Join today and begin your journey to wellness.

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Enable circulation to the tiniest capillaries and enhance vitality

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Discover the goodness of essential oils one drop at a time

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Natural solutions for your dog's anxiety, allergies and immunity

Surround yourself with serenity


Be it a single bed or the entire yard, I will help your ideas come to fruition using my extensive experience as a master gardener

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How did a lawyer end up promoting wellness with passion?

For All Major Home Appliances


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