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This is why you are on this page.....

Back in my youth, yoga helped me combat Tuberculosis

It alleviated my back pain

It helped me navigate my divorce stress

It inspired hope and confidence in me

and that's why I teach yoga



Light-Dark, Happy-Sad, Up-Down – these are some of the opposites we have to face in everyday life.

Yoga’s goal is to teach us equanimity in these opposing situations. It is not that we react, but “how” we react, that matters.

Image by Deniz Altindas


Yoga addresses balance between effort and ease. The three components of balance are alignment, strength and attention.

Yoga makes one realize that happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony. In balancing we will take a risk – risk the failure but ultimately find the focus


Wellness is just not external – It’s the feeling of well-being that has to come from within.

The sense of well-being gives us utmost happiness and ability to accept things as they are. Yoga helps us by giving that sense of overall and complete well-being

Suma doing yoga at an ancient Indian temple
Suma Mudan

Yoga Instructor
Garden Designe
Essential Oils Coach
Crazy about dogs
Loves to travel
All things food

Teacher training - Sivananda Ashram
Advanced Teacher training - Sivananda Ashram
Teacher training in Back Pain -  Dr. Loren Fishman
Teacher training in  Osteoporosis - Dr. Loren Fishman
Teacher training in Yoga for Healthy Aging - Dr. Baxter Bell
Yoga for Longevity - Gary Kraftsow

Back pain certificate

Certified in yoga for back health by the renowned physiatrist, Dr. Loren Fishman who is both a well respected physician as well as a senior yoga teacher

YFHA certificate

Certified in yoga for healthy aging by Dr. Baxter Bell, a Harvard trained physician and a senior yoga teacher

Bone health certificate

Certified in yoga for bone health by Dr. Loren Fishman, who did extensive research supported by NIH on reversing osteoporosis with the help of yoga through his 12 step process

I first studied yoga practice and philosophy under Swami Vishnu Devananda, a senior disciple of Swami Sivananda (a pioneer medical doctor turned yogi during the early part of the century).  I did my teachers training and advanced teachers training from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India and spent several years teaching yoga in India.

I then moved to the United States in early 90’s and got busy with my tax legal career. But then my heart always pulled me towards making wellness my journey. 


My passion is to continue to learn and train about the therapeutic values of yoga. I also studied Indian philosophy (Vedanta) under a world renowned Teacher and philosopher, Swami Dayananda Saraswati

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