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Some thoughts, feelings, & emotions from my students & clients

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Alexa Young, CA

Sharon Waddell

I did a series of beginner classes with Suma in November-December. I really loved it. She has put a lot of work into making her
studio a beautiful place to practice yoga. Through a garden gate and a brief walk through the garden to get to the entrance
already starts to prep you for what is to come. The studio is well lit with natural light and you can see the trees unlike studios that I have been to in a commercial strip center.
We had a small class which is a huge advantage. Suma was always right there to correct our posture in the various poses.
Each class gave us exposure to different poses and variations of poses that achieved the same thing in stretching and gaining
better posture, balance and relaxation.
I felt that the class flowed at a slower rate which was perfect for the level we were at as beginners.
And she knew just how much to challenge us and helped us ease into some of the more challenging poses, always stressing to
stay within comfortable limits.
I highly recommend that you give Suma’s classes a try. She can tailor a class to your specific needs. Just communicate your
concerns with any health issues and what you would like to achieve. The classes were transformative experiences.

Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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