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Let's learn yoga how it was meant to on one

Knowledge transfer happened from teacher to student, in a personal setting, based on the student's ability to grasp and the teacher's ability to deliver.  
Your biography and biology are not the same as the next person - so your yoga should also not be same as the next person.
Your yoga practice is totally based on what your body is capable of doing, and what your mind is yearning for.
Let's start that journey, keeping up the parampara (Parampara is a Sanskrit word that refers to the succession of knowledge from one guru to the next. Directly translated to English, parampara means something like “uninterrupted series,” "continuation," or "succession.")
You don't need to be intimidated in a group setting, you don't need to feel the urge to do more than you should, and you don't need to do something that your body is asking you not to do

Specialty  Yoga 

Relief for Back Pain

You wake up with a stiff back and need a few moments even to step down from the bed..

You reach out for something and feel a sharp pain in the back muscles..

You have a nagging pain from your hip down

your leg..

You were diagnosed with one of the conditions listed on the right..

You tried physical therapy with little success....

Now try yoga!!!!

what causes my back pain_edited.jpg

Yoga for Vibrant Aging

At Wellness with Suma, LLC., we believe in helping you live your best life through yoga and wellness practices. Our yoga for vibrant aging classes are based on the methodology of Dr. Baxter Bell, and designed to enhance your health span and leave you feeling energized and radiant. Join us today and begin your journey to wellness.

Do you thrive in a group setting?

Group dynamics are definitely a positive infuence to get inspired and do a bit more

If you thrive in such a setting this small group class is for you.  Since class size is limited to 4-6 people, lot of personal attention is given to each student

Yoga for anybody and any body.  As long as we breathe, we can do yoga.  Chair, floor, wall, sit, stand - we are enabled to do yoga

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