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Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Give yourself a break from your chronic pain with these first set of 5 classes

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Namaste.  I am Suma Mudan, here to help you tap into your potential for healing chronic pain

At Wellness with Suma, LLC, we believe that everyone can benefit from the power of yoga. That's why we offer specialized classes designed to target specific areas of concern such as back pain, age-induced stiffness, and joint mobility. Our goal is to help you achieve pain-free days and a more active lifestyle.   


Herniated or slipped disc

Spinal Stenosis

herniated disc
arthritis in the back


Tight Hamstrings


Facet Syndrome

Sacroiliac Joint Issues

tight hamstrings
musculoskeletal back pain image


Piriformis Syndrome/Sciatica




So what are the common forms of back pain?

Results you can expect from these classes


Slow & steady relief from chronic & nagging pain


Soothing unraveling of muscular tension


Strengthening of the back & surrounding muscles

Best Value

Back Pain Class Pack



This is a pack of 5 classes of 1 hour duration each

Valid for 45 days

What to expect from Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify to teach this course? I have practiced and taught yoga for about 35 years. I had severe back pain in my 30s and was popping pills until I found yoga, which cured me over a period of time. I want to share this gift of health with as many people as I can I did a special teacher's training with Dr. Loren Fishman on "Yoga for Back Pain" in order to specifically help people in suffering from this nagging and debilitating affliction

Do I need to have done yoga before? Not necessarily. For every pose I will show accessible adaptations to suit all levels of capabilities.

Should I be able to sit on the floor? No need. Most poses can be done while sitting in or standing next to a chair

What props, if any do I need? You will need a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, access to a chair and a wall, a folded blanket or two

What precautions should I take? Before we get started, make sure you get your physician's input on your ability to start with an exercise program. Most physicians recommend yoga for back health

Is there a video of the class? Yes, I will provide two 15 minute videos for you to practice with in between the classes. I will keep the practice short so you can easily fit it in your day and benefit from regular practice. You have access to the videos for 3 months

When can I get started? The beauty of private sessions is that we can schedule them based on mutual convenience. In our first meeting we will pick a couple of days and time that work for both of us and go fromt there

How can I get in touch wth you? You can call or text to my cell phone at 484-358-6585 you can email me at


The  information provided in this website is strictly for reference only and  is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice. For all health or  medical issues, consult a qualified healthcare provider. Practicing  under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor may  reduce the risk of injuries.


The author or Wellness with Suma, LLC assume no responsibility or  liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing  yoga or any other exercise program. Always consult with a healthcare  provider before embarking on any physical practice. People read or watch or use any information from this site  assume  all risks in practicing the techniques described. 

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