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Mindful gifting

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This is that time of the year - we are scrambling to get the perfect gift to everyone on our lists.

Amazon is the easiest. Then there are long lines at stores such as Macy's, Marshalls, Kohls, Macy's, Best Buy etc

We are stuck in this mind set of "getting something" for everyone in our circles. We spend money getting stuff - they may or may not like or use. I totally confess - I did this too. In the last few years I totally moved away from buying gifts - gifting has become a rare occasion and a thought out one.

I am totally on board if we are buying something for someone who is in dire need of that something. However, in this post I am talking about some of us who really don't need anything (really) but we still keep buying. So I wanted to give some more meaningful gift alternatives.

As I got older and realized that I really don't need anything more than what already is cluttering my closets, and my other living spaces, I also realized it is tough to buy something for someone. There is always that chance that they will not like it but may get stuck with it or regift it (which is ok but may start the spiral again).

The more I thought about it, the more I like the idea of gifting experiences rather than things.

So why take a chance and waste your money and their peace of mind? Here are some suggestions on some "meaningful" gifting, if you must.

gifts for relaxation
wellness gifts

For the wellness minded person:

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel well. Without this feeling of wellbeing, our actions are half hearted and our emotions are muted. So what can we gift to a person that enhances their wellness?

  • Dance lessons to perk up that mood?

  • A spa session to unwind those knots?

  • A dinner out to spark up that companionship?

  • Taking care of their kids or pets while they enjoy an evening out?

  • A pottery or painting class gift?

Choices are many - use your imagination to make this gift special and memorable

plants or seeds as gifts for gardners
gifts for gardeners

For the garden enthusiast

This is the perfect time to start thinking about the next gardening season. We are all drooling over the seed catalogues, dreaming about what we are going to grow next season - something unusual, something exotic or something that is a family favorite. What is better than giving a gift of seeds? Here are some links to organic, heirloom seed companies that you can buy gift cards from:

games or puzzles as gifts for kids
Gifts for kids

For the kids in your family

Kids get all kinds of gifts - toys, books, clothes etc. And then they grow up quickly making these gifts obsolete. How about giving a gift of experience?

Here are some ideas:

toys as gifts for furry family members
Furry family gifts

For the pet lover

I admit - I buy lot of toys for my puppy. But I also make a conscious effort to enrich his life in other ways - make puzzles for him, let him sniff all he wants on the walks, arrange play dates for him, long car rides and let him sleep with me:) - here is Snoopy, our new puppy

So what can you gift to that person with pets?

  • Mentally stimulating games & puzzles

  • Training sessions

  • Carefully managed dog park dates

  • Regular play dates with his one or two doggy friends

  • May be that special time with you in the garden

Here is my offer of gift of health to that special someone in your life - nothing is more important than health. Be the one to inspire your special friend to take the first step towards a vibrant health -

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